Home care services

Tip no.1 - There is a solution to everything.In our expereince we have found that many people are struggling on a day to day basis in their homes. Many times we are left to sort out issues, juggling between children, work and home.  Our solutions are easy to follow and help keep you calm when things look unmanageable. We have many many tips that ease the load of home management and solutions that we have found have worked over time. We are excited to share and show what we have learnt. 

Tip no. 2 - You know that question we like asking...."Unapika nini leo?" i.e "What are you cooking today?"  usually directed at the home assistant (and with a corner eye) or a member of your family who is as clueless as you are. Well, you can save lots of time every day by simply pre-prepping your meals.
Did you know that it is possible to plan your meals and prep them in bulk depending on your storage space. In our expereince prepped meals take an average of 1/2 an hour to prepare. Instead of standing in the kitchen for 3 hours everyday, why not ease yourself into you your evening by having a healty meal in less then an hour by learning to pre-prep. It really works! 
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